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Marriage/Couples Counseling

Think of an award winning garden with beautiful fruits and vegetables. In the garden you'll find gardeners who have acquired the knowledge, tools, and skills to create such beauty. But, at first they likely struggled. They over watered the tomatoes. They didn't have all the tools they needed. They argued about how to keep the bugs out. Over time, they learned from mistakes.  They learned how to work better together to reach their shared vision. A relationship is a living entity, just like a garden. It's only going to be as good as the "gardeners" tending it. When I work with a couple, I strive to give each partner the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to grow and maintain a thriving and healthy relationship. I work with couples to make sure that they have to tools and skills to make their relationship becomes a sanctuary of beauty that each partner wants to protect and tend daily.


Individual Counseling

My approach is unique in that I combine the ideals of Narrative Therapy  and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to create a powerful process.  From the Narrative perspective, it is our relationship with the problem  that is the problem. Thus, the problematic relationship, not the person,  is the problem. And because it is a relationship, the dynamics of the  relationship can be changed. For example, many people have a  relationship with fear. Fear may say, "Don't take a risk because you'll  lose everything." Our work will be to liberate your Spiritual Self from the demands of your problems so you make decisions from a place of empowerment and confidence. In regard to CBT, the main idea is that thoughts  come before feelings: negative thoughts create negative feelings both of which feed and empower depression, anxiety, and anger leading to your suffering. We can't control what thought may "pop in"  but we certainly can decide what we are going to do with a thought. We can challenge it, starve it by refusing to feed it, reframe  it, and/or pick from a host of other options. Do you suffer from negative compulsive thinking? Let's work on that! 


Books by/with Rod Louden

Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships is  a guide. I show you how to identify the monsters that are creating  pain, suffering, and failure in your life and introduce you to the tools and skills that you can use to liberate yourself from your own  problems. Through the process of liberating your Self from these tyrants, you open doors to all types of new possibilities and reconnect to your  true potential. 


"Rod Louden has helped me take the monster from within me, and shove him back under the bed where he belongs!"  Jeff Nimoy—Emmy Award winning writer/producer/actor

 In 2006, I was selected to be a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve your Life, Vol.3. Myself,  along with 100 other experts in their respective fields, share ideas on  personal success and happiness. Industry leaders such as Mark Victor  Hansen, of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, bestselling author, Ken  Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, and Les Brown, a highly  respected motivational speaker, and others combine to bring you a unique  reading experience. 


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