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Rod Louden, Psychotherapist

If you are searching for a therapist, things are not going as you would have hoped. Whether you're seeking guidance for yourself or for a family member, it's important that you find someone who you can trust. If you don't trust your therapist, you'll likely hold back and this will only delay your journey forward. Over the last quarter century, I have had the honor to regularly receive the gift of trust from the people I've worked with, a gift I don't take lightly. I have extensive experience in the areas of Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Addiction, Survivor's of Childhood Abuse, Problem Solving, Self Growth, Anxiety, Depression, Working with Teens, Parenting Education/Techniques and Blended Families. In addition, as a graduate of the Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, I am uniquely qualified to work with musicians, actors, and artists to break through creative blocks allowing a deeper expression of their artistry. I also work with Athletes at all levels regarding performance on and off the field. I am a performance coach for YSPN360.com. Call (818) 348-7081 today for a free telephone consultation or email me at rodlouden@aol.com



I have been given the privilege and honor of joining an elite group of coaches, such as Dave Roberts, Manager of the LA Dodgers, and Sandy Alomar, Jr., coach with the Cleveland Indians, at YSPN360.com. As a Performance Coach, I provide content on healthy parenting strategies. Parents, please check out my articles: 

  • You're Safe: a safe parenting approach on and off the field 
  • 5 Ways to Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem 
  • You're Not Playing! So Why Are Your Feelings Taking the Field?

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